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Sicherheit: Mehrere Probleme in CFME
Aktuelle Meldungen Distributionen
Name: Mehrere Probleme in CFME
ID: RHSA-2017:1601-01
Distribution: Red Hat
Plattformen: Red Hat CloudForms
Datum: Mi, 28. Juni 2017, 23:37
Referenzen: https://access.redhat.com/security/cve/CVE-2016-7047
Applikationen: CFME


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Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis: Important: CFME 5.7.3 security, bug fix and enhancement
Advisory ID: RHSA-2017:1601-01
Product: Red Hat CloudForms
Advisory URL: https://access.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2017:1601
Issue date: 2017-06-28
Cross references: RHSA-2017:0898
CVE Names: CVE-2016-4457 CVE-2016-7047 CVE-2017-7497

1. Summary:

Updates for cfme, cfme-appliance, cfme-gemset,
rh-ruby23-rubygem-nokogiri, and rh-ruby23-rubygem-ovirt-engine-sdk4 are now
available for CloudForms Management Engine 5.7.

Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact
of Important. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score,
which gives a detailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability
from the CVE link(s) in the References section.

2. Relevant releases/architectures:

CloudForms Management Engine 5.7 - noarch, x86_64

3. Description:

Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine delivers the insight, control, and
automation needed to address the challenges of managing virtual
environments. CloudForms Management Engine is built on Ruby on Rails, a
model-view-controller (MVC) framework for web application development.
Action Pack implements the controller and the view components.

rh-ruby23-rubygem-nokogiri provides Nokogiri, which is an HTML, XML, SAX,
and Reader parser. Among Nokogiri's many features is the ability to search
documents using XPath or CSS3 selectors.

rh-ruby23-rubygem-ovirt-engine-sdk4 provides the ruby SDK for the oVirt
Engine API.

The following packages have been upgraded to a later upstream version: cfme
(, cfme-gemset (, rh-ruby23-rubygem-nokogiri (1.7.2),
cfme-appliance (, rh-ruby23-rubygem-ovirt-engine-sdk4 (4.1.5).
(BZ#1442774, BZ#1459319)

This update also fixes several bugs and adds various enhancements.
Documentation for these changes is available from the Technical Notes
document linked to in the References section.

Security Fix(es):

* CloudForms includes a default SSL/TLS certificate for the web server.
This certificate is replaced at install time. However if an attacker were
able to man-in-the-middle an administrator while installing the new
certificate, the attacker could get a copy of the uploaded private key
allowing for future attacks. (CVE-2016-4457)

* The dialog for creating cloud volumes (cinder provider) in CloudForms
does not filter cloud tenants by user. An attacker with the ability to
create storage volumes could use this to create storage volumes for any
other tenant. (CVE-2017-7497)

* A flaw was found in the CloudForms API. A user with permissions to use
the MiqReportResults capability within the API could potentially view data
from other tenants or groups to which they should not have access.

The CVE-2016-4457 and CVE-2016-7047 issues were discovered by Simon Lukasik
(Red Hat) and the CVE-2017-7497 issue was discovered by Gellert Kis (Red

4. Solution:

For details on how to apply this update, which includes the changes
described in this advisory, refer to:


5. Bugs fixed (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/):

1322396 - [RFE] Allow for deletion of group when users belong to another group
1341308 - CVE-2016-4457 CFME: default certificate used across all installs
1350340 - Downloading the job templates of Anisble tower displays wrong data
1402992 - VM snapshot: revert option is enabled, for Active VM
1403358 - Add Provider->Type "RHEVM" should change to "RHV"
1414869 - VMRC is not working if IE compatibility mode is disabled
1419604 - [AnsibleTowerClient::ConnectionError]: Your license does not allow
adding surveys
1428944 - Vulnerable JQuery Version
1430468 - Parent tenant displayed in list view when allowed by RBAC
1434152 - [RFE] Support for custom Amazon Regions in Provider
1434952 - delete action in /api/orchestration_templates results in error
1436074 - Back/Cancel buttton is missing on host drift comparison page
1436222 - The option of VM migration to the same host it is already running on
is possible
1436226 - Persistent volume relationship link broken
1436228 - When the same action is used twice for a policy, action icons are
1436232 - WebUI - Web Console button is enabled for archived vm's
1436233 - Container Provider - Capacity & Utilization: The page you were
looking for doesn't exist
1436236 - Can't add provider specific catalog items to global region
1436237 - Event filter For Openstack::InfraManager
1436756 - when editing an existing user the field "Full Name" has the
value of the field "Username"
1437146 - Policy conditions based on 'VM and Instance.vLANs' field not
1437148 - [AWS][SDN] - Cannot edit or create Cloud networks/subnets
1437595 - Datepicker freezes after the first run of the "C & U Gap
1437909 - "Save" and "Reset" buttons are absent when adding log
collection configuration
1437912 - Edit log collection menu has no spinner
1437925 - Policy to prevent a host scan request did not work
1438094 - [Regression] Azure provider refresh fails
1438866 - [VMWARE]Auto_placement provision fails due to selecting Host in
Maintenance state
1439291 - Azure metrics collection failing with
1439314 - service dialog can be submitted before entry point code on dynamic
fields has completed execution
1439319 - SUI : Cockpit icon tooltip gets in the way of button click
1439789 - [RFE] Allow for template network interface type to be overwritten
during a provision
1439945 - Vmware infra provider refresh fail
1440399 - UI: Hover text is overlapped by navigation menu on Topology
1440400 - UI: Hover text associated for button is not shown properly on
Infrastructure Topology page.
1440401 - Unable to save automation task schedule using eastern time zone
1440402 - Policy to prevent a VM retire request did not work
1440701 - [RBAC] - Spinner when creating new role
1441199 - Error '[NoMethodError]: undefined method `base_model' for
NilClass:Class' generating chargeback for container images report
1441202 - OpenShift Refresh duration exceeds default two hour timeout and grows
> 8GB never fully completing
1441204 - Message timeout of 600 seconds does not allow perf_capture_timer to
1441251 - Unexpected error while executing a custom button
1441272 - queue_name_for_metrics_collection raises an exception when ems is nil
1441293 - Tag Visibility | Error: undefined method `base_class' for
NilClass:Class on selecting container image on containers page
1441331 - appliance_console doesn't ask for database disk while setting
secondy DB appliance
1441401 - Enable Central Admin UI has code artifact
1441648 - methods not sorted in frame on right side in automate
1441727 - Smartstate Analysis Error Unable to mount filesystem Unable to
determine port used by VixDiskLib VMware
1441742 - When moving AWS provider from one zone to another Network Manager
info no longer updates
1441752 - null result when deleting orchestration templates using REST API
1441754 - Get IP address automation code not working Azure
1441855 - OpenShift provider event storm POD_FAILEDSYNC
1442105 - UI: Topology - unable to confirm search by pressing the Return key,
reacts only to a mouse click
1442156 - [SDN] - Disable CRUD actions for Azure/Amazon Network providers
1442164 - OSP refresh fail with Validation failed: Name can't be blank
1442169 - When using dynamic drop downs, sorting of items doesn't work in
self service portal.
1442177 - EC2 provision dialogs do not support selecting multiple IPs for multi
1442764 - OpenStack refresh fail with nil:NilClass
1442769 - Rhev inventory refresh fails after rhev upgrade from 3.6 to 4.0
1442774 - Update oVirt SDK to version 4.1.z
1442865 - Automate import does not update display_name and description
attributes in Namespace objects
1442877 - cloud_init re-runs on appliacne reboot, static networking
configuration lost
1443246 - Clicking on Group or Role name link/icon in the user's details
page does nothing
1443248 - Using REST API - encountering "NoMethodError: undefined method
`key?' for #<Array..."
1443563 - NoMethodError Nil actioncable / pubsub_adapter
1443572 - the amazon best fit method sometimes attempts to select networks
that aren't available to the region in use
1443580 - After saving default filter in datastores and clearing it
1443697 - Full refresh of second VMware provider isn't automatically
started after it is added
1443799 - Containers may get (ems_id and old_ems_id) == nil
1444037 - UI: List views forget checked items when resorted by clicking on a
column header.
1444041 - Chargeback for container images report editor filter tab produces an
error if there are too many images in the database
1444052 - Chargeback report generation keeps whole openshift env in the memory
(even after it finishes)
1444062 - Self Service UI does not properly select defaults for dynamic drop
1444178 - [SDN][Azure] - Edit Tags button clickable after Net provider refresh
without selected provider
1444182 - Sorting configuration providers by url throws "undefinedColumn:
ERROR: column providers.url does not exist"
1444214 - Ensure managers change zone and provider region with cloud manager
1444220 - Ensure managers change zone and provider region with cloud manager
1444486 - Policy Simulation results tree nodes are not properly escaped
1444494 - Expose container projects and template parms in service model
1444875 - [SDN][EC2] - singular in downloaded files and subjects
1445318 - [RFE] CFME 4.1 EMS Refresh should be targeted for folder create, as
opposed to a full EMS Refresh
1445356 - [RFE] Edit action is not been supported for VMS resources.
1445383 - After reintroducing a failed primary node, there are old replication
slots left on the "new" node
1445806 - Getting undefined method `get_folder_paths' after applying
1445901 - Error in re-configuring service: "Error during
'Provisioning': undefined method `match' for 0:Fixnum Did you mean? catch"
1445902 - [NoMethodError]: undefined method `merge!' for nil:NilClass
encountered for OpenShift full refresh
1446305 - Reintroducing a standby node that has already be reintroduced causes
1446773 - Change Cluser/Deployment Roles to Resource Pools on cluster summary
1446787 - Month selection arrows for C&U Gap collection are hidden in the
1446791 - incorrect href attribute values for Foreman providers
1447091 - Service Catalogs: Dialogs are hanging and keeps buffering
1448046 - UI lag due to more than 3650 messages in notification
1448073 - [vSphere] UI-RBAC: undefined method `all' for nil:NilClass error
appears while setting ownership for template
1448140 - IPv6 addresses not selectable field for reports
1448142 - IPv6 addresses not rendered on details page
1448148 - Containers - old archived container entities are not purged
1448418 - Default dynamic text boxes should be blank
1448421 - Default value of dynamic dropdown list not honored CloudForms 4.2
1448530 - [RFE] ReFS FileSystem Support
1448538 - redhat_CustomizeRequest Provisioning Type: does not match, skipping
1448870 - [Regression] storage.perf_capture ERROR
1448872 - vmware_CustomizeRequest Provisioning Type:
ManageIQ::Providers::Vmware::InfraManager::Provision does not match, skipping processing
1449389 - It is impossible to identify the source process/appliance for each
connection in pg_stat_activity
1449392 - Benchmark timings are incorrect for all workers in evm.log
1449394 - Action button for verifying replication subscriptions on the far
right is to small
1449396 - In my settings page at login Configuration management shouldn't
be in Infrastructure
1449397 - error when creating a group + setting the tag in create
1449398 - Chargeback Report VM identification (UUID)
1449403 - GCE Boot Disk Size options should be sorted by actual size
1449753 - retirement runs in any zone as of 5.7.1
1450084 - Failed to remove interface from router
1450086 - Network Topology does not show Cloud Routers
1450088 - Cloud Router Summary does not show subnets which connected it
1450150 - CFME: Dialog for creating cloud volumes does not filter cloud tenants
1450217 - The credentials for Automate Git Repository wasn't updating the
correct authentications type
1450421 - service dialog dynamic code works in admin portal but not in
self-service portal
1450508 - Create the .pgpass and print required conf for standby on primary
database servers
1450511 - [RFE] Make the process of reintroducing a failed HA node more
1450512 - In new db master node, pg_xlog directory got fulled
1450514 - SSA Fails in Windows workloads but not in Linux ones on OSP9
1450519 - Openstack services missing on node page
1450525 - Cannot select placement for Cloud Volumes (openstack cinder storage
provider) and this volumes are created in different tenants during provisioning of the instance.
1450526 - MiqVimBrokerWorker exceeding memory after upgrading from 5.6 ->
1451396 - CFME does not support group/tag access restrictions for
performance reports
1451827 - Existing or Newly created service added to parent service via REST
API or from automation is not visible in UI
1452172 - When adding Disk with reconfiguration on vmware, after 16th Disk, a
new controller is created hardcoded to Parallel Type
1452227 - [RFE] Azure managed images not discovered
1452350 - customers unable to access CFME thru UI due to chronic unpredictable
termination of httpd service
1452363 - Raw methods exposed for Cloud Tenant instead of non-raw
1452383 - Calendar control on Cluster Utilization page gets clipped
1452764 - reports do not distinguish between same name custom attributes with
different sections
1452824 - [Microsoft]Auto_placement provision fails due to selecting Host in
Maintenance state
1454383 - Unable to collect inventory for 40,000 container images, results in
kubeclient timeout
1454442 - Tag Information Not Displayed on Catalog Items
1454443 - Resetting planning results in flash msg twice
1454446 - Containers with empty "imageID" field points to wrong images
1454618 - Forbidden Error when creating a cloud network
1455302 - Can not get kernel version from reports
1455600 - For OSP10 provider, Cinder volume creation is never finishing on the
1455670 - Service catalog service dialog refresh function in cf 4.2 behaves
differently from cf 4.0
1455686 - Azure provision still needs First/Last name
1455933 - incorrect href keys for service and automation requests accessed
through /api/requests
1456021 - Cloudforms causes a Token Storm on OSP10 overcloud
1457911 - Schedule Time value is reset during editing provisioning request
1457924 - Remove policy checking for request_host_vmotion_enabled event
1458810 - Failed while launching imported report based on Chargeback for
Projects via REST API.
1458811 - Archived container entities are not destroyed when the provider is
1459180 - Cannot filter report with custom attributes
1459307 - Retirement - log the zone when raising a retirement event.
1459319 - Azure refresh results in timeout errors
1459563 - Incorrect storage used in Chargeback reports
1460979 - Tag Visibility | Access Controll: All users, groups, and tenants are
visible for restricted user
1461170 - Valid SCVMM file share not showing up as datastore on host.
1461540 - ManageIQ icon on SUI order page
1461886 - Allow identify replicated interfaces on HA environments
1463669 - Missing Memory graphs on Azure Availability zone Utilization page for
daily interval

6. Package List:

CloudForms Management Engine 5.7:




These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and
details on how to verify the signature are available from

7. References:


8. Contact:

The Red Hat security contact is <secalert@redhat.com>. More contact
details at https://access.redhat.com/security/team/contact/

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