linux : penguin breaks windows

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linux : penguin breaks windows

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Hello everybody

We've just finished recording our first rock album under the name of SOLID
STATE. Nothing to do with Linux, right? Wouldn't be so sure. The jokes from
this Linuxian of all the musicians who appreciated the frequent blue crashes of
the O.S. to their right value have inspired us to do this track:

"Do U C Me"

(A little glance through the eyes of an undergoing user.)

This very Linuxian musician also wanted to give a free diffusion of this title
to the Linux community, because it was this community that gave us the idea of
this song. So, why not, after all, in a world where everything has a price, a
little piece of utopia can do no harm. So, we have decided to let you listen to
it here :

We hope you'll enjoy it, and we wish that this little step aside from today's
well oiled industrial habits will amuse you and make you smile.

Here's a promise: our next album will be recorded on another O.S. ;-)

Solid State