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Perl v5.8.0 released

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BeitragVerfasst am: 20. Jul 2002 17:30   Titel: Perl v5.8.0 released

Perl 5.8.0 released!
"After more than two long years of hard work, the perl5-porters is proud to announce Perl 5.8.0. The most important new features are enhanced Unicode and threads support, and the new I/O subsystem called PerlIO, but there are lots of new goodies, not to mention bazillion bug fixes.

The full announcement [1] is available, and you can read what is new in 5.8.0 [2], and if you like what you see, start installing[3].

Quelle: http://www.perl.org/

[1] Perl 5.8.0 Release Announcement

[2] what is new in 5.8.0


*** Technical Details Follow ***


Highlights In 5.8.0

- Better Unicode Support:
Unicode support has been much enhanced since 5.6, at all levels:
- now supports Unicode 3.2.0 (5.6.1 supports 3.0.1)
- at the language (and internals) level Unicode support is now more ubiquitous and robust
- regular expressions now work with Unicode
- support for non-Latin encodings (such as the various Chinese/Japanese/Korean encodings) through the Encode module

- New Threads Implementation:
A new multithreading implementation called interpreter threads, or "ithreads" for short, is available, their use instead of the old "5.005 threads" is strongly encouraged. The major difference is that in ithreads any data sharing must be done explicitly.

- New IO Implementation:
the new PerlIO implementation is both a portable stdio implementation (at the source code level) and a flexible new framework for richer I/O behaviours

- Better Numeric Accuracy:
previous Perls relied on vendors' string-to-number and back routines which in some cases proved to be too much trust leading to nonportable and wrong behaviours

- 64-bit support:
64-bit support is now considered to be mature -- if your platform supports 64-bit integers or address space, you can compile Perl to use those

- Safe Signals:
in previous versions of Perl signals could corrupt Perl's internal state

- Many New Modules:
Digest::MD5, File::Temp, Filter::Simple, libnet, List::Util, Memoize, MIME::Base64, Scalar::Util, Storable, Switch, Test::More, Test::Simple, Text::Balanced, Tie::File, ...

- Extensive Regression Testing:
Perl has now almost six times as many tests as in 5.6, and the code is test built daily on several platforms


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BeitragVerfasst am: 21. Jul 2002 13:54   Titel: Re: Perl v5.8.0 released


Für solche Ankündigungen war dieses Board nicht gedacht. Wer eine News hat, die wir noch nicht gebracht haben, möge sie bitte, am besten nach Absprache mit uns, in ordentlichem Deutsch und veröffentlichungsreifer Qualität einsenden.

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