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FTP hacking

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BeitragVerfasst am: 16. Mai 2003 21:58   Titel: FTP hacking


DOes anzone know where to find general ftp exploits?In general I mean, if you dont know the version and which ftp service is running.

And I want to know if anyone here is using brute force technique,I want to know if it really works.

Andreas B.

BeitragVerfasst am: 16. Mai 2003 23:14   Titel: Re: FTP hacking

Yes, but I think it`s better that I do not post these here, there are several points of view, why I won`t do this,
you can guess one, I think I can predict what you going to do with these exploits, but you can find them by yourself,
you should visit some sites, which are security related and providing proofs of concept,
and the location where you can find - and others do find these exploits - is within the source.
Learn to code and to analyse code and search them by yourself, and especially it would be better to ask at an international forum where english is the language of choice.

http://www.google.com is your friend.

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