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konfiguration von wu-ftpd

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BeitragVerfasst am: 22. Nov 2002 19:39   Titel: konfiguration von wu-ftpd

ich habe den wu-ftpd installiert (unter debian). zur konfiguration benutze ich webmin-wuftpd.

das problem ist nun, das der server zwar läuft, ich mich auch einloggen kann, aber der inhalt des verzeichnisses nicht angezeigt wird. auch das uploaden funzt nicht. das ganze soll als anonymous funktionieren.

ich will bei mir das verzeichnis /ftp freigeben damit dort anonymous einloggen kann.

als user habe ich "ftp" anlegen müssen, ansonsten ging das gar nicht.

die ftpaccess sieht folgendermassen aus:


# Debian default wu-ftpd `ftpaccess' configuration file, derived from
# the `ftpaccess.heavy' example in wu-ftpd sources.
# For more options/commands see ftpaccess(5) and /usr/share/doc/wu-ftpd/*.

# Some of the example message files have been translated to Spanish,
# and are available in /usr/share/doc/wu-ftpd/examples/.
# (thanks to Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a <jfs@dat.etsit.upm.es>

# E-mail address of the FTP admin, can be accessed via the %E in messages.
email root@help.me

# Which UIDs and GIDs may, and which may not use the FTP service.
#deny-uid %-99
#deny-gid %-99
#allow-uid ftp ftpadmin
#allow-gid ftp ftpadmin

# Maximum number of retries after login failures, before disconnecting.
#loginfails 5

# Can users see anything else but their home directory
#restricted-uid lamer
#unrestricted-gid ftpadmin

# Allow use of private file for SITE GROUP and SITE GPASS?
#private no

# What kind of greeting to give.
#greeting <full|brief|terse|text somemessage>

# Banner to show immediately on connect.
#banner /etc/wu-ftpd/welcome.msg

# Deny access to specified hosts, with message.
#deny *.microsoft.com /etc/wu-ftpd/msg.deny
#deny /etc/wu-ftpd/denied.hosts /etc/wu-ftpd/msg.deny
# !nameserved means hosts that can't be resolved.
#deny !nameserved /etc/wu-ftpd/msg.nodns

# Various DNS related options.
#dns refuse_mismatch <filename> [override]
#dns refuse_no_reverse <filename> [override]
#dns resolveroptions [options]

# Class name typelist addresses
#class local real,guest,anonymous *.my.domain
#class remote real,guest,anonymous *
class all anonymous *

# Limit who how many date/time message file
#limit local 20 Any /etc/wu-ftpd/msg.toomany
#limit remote 100 SaSu|Any1800-0600 /etc/wu-ftpd/msg.toomany
limit all 1 Any /etc/wu-ftpd/msg.toomany

# The files that wu-ftpd will recognize as must-be-read, and display them.
message /welcome.msg login
message .message cwd=*

# The files that wu-ftpd will recognize as should-be-read, and warn about them.
readme README* login
readme README* cwd=*

# Whether to use compression.
compress yes local remote all
tar yes local remote all

# Logging of actions.
log commands anonymous,guest,real
log security
#log syslog
log commands anonymous,guest,real
log transfers anonymous,guest,real inbound,outbound
log security anonymous,guest,real

# The file wu-ftpd will check to see if the server is going to be shut down.
# (use ftpshut to generate it)
shutdown /etc/wu-ftpd/shutmsg

# These files are marked unretrievable
noretrieve /etc/passwd /etc/group
noretrieve core

# The directory to which anonymous FTP user will chroot to.
# Note: if you change this {add,rm}ftpuser may stop functioning.
#anonymous-root /ftp

# Password verification for the anonymous FTP user.
# <none|trivial|rfc822> [<enforce|warn>]
passwd-check rfc822 enforce

# Maximum connection time in minutes
#limit-time anonymous 30

# Some permissions for the anonymous FTP user.
# All the following default to "yes" for everybody
rename yes anonymous,guest,real
delete yes anonymous,guest,real
overwrite yes anonymous,guest,real
chmod yes anonymous,guest,real
umask yes anonymous,guest,real

# Anonymous FTP directories upload settings
# anon-ftp-root path allow? owner group mode dirs?
upload /ftp * no
upload /ftp /ftp yes ftp daemon 0666 nodirs

# What can a filename contain (this /etc is under the anonymous-FTP root)
path-filter anonymous,guest,real /etc/wu-ftpd/pathmsg ^[-+A-Za-z0-9_.]*$ ^\. ^-

# Shortcuts for anonymous FTP incoming (note: the ':' isn't obligatory)
alias incoming: /ftp
cdpath /ftp
anonymous-root /ftp
guest-root /ftp
greeting full
private no
autogroup nogroup all

weis jemand was ich noch einstellen/ändern muss?


BeitragVerfasst am: 23. Nov 2002 2:21   Titel: Re: konfiguration von wu-ftpd

hab das schrott teil ersetzt durch "proftpd". der funzt wenigstens auf anhieb!

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