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Unix im Weltall

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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 17:23:13 -0600 (CST)

On Friday the 24th I was watching the NASA channel on cable TV to see how the
experiments and Shuttle crew were doing. The men onboard needed to send
instructions to the experiments in the cargo bay and were using a laptop to do it.
As some of you may have heard, there was a "computer problem" onboard as
reported by CNN. The exchange of information between the crew and the
Johnson Space Center (JSC) went something like this:

Crew: Urgent Johnson, we can't get a DOS prompt.
JSC: Press C: enter.
Crew: Heck, we're not familiar with all this
JSC: What screen are you looking at?
Crew: It says 'My Computer', and, er, various other icons.
JSC: Click on 'Start' and then shut down.
Crew: You click the 'Start' button to shut down?
JSC: Yeah. Isn't it obvious?
Crew: Somebody get me an aspirin.
JSC: Just hit the damn 'Start' button.
Crew: We can't do that. It didn't load a mouse.
JSC: Didn't load any mouse at all?
Crew: Well, yeah, a PS/2 or something. But we don't have one of those
JSC: Okay. Press Alt + Esc.
Crew: And what does that do?
JSC: It should help.
Crew: Negative.
JSC: Stand by, will replicate the problem down here.
Crew: Roger.

[Long pause]

JSC: Okay then. Double click the MS-DOS icon.
Crew: I don't have a mouse.
JSC: Go to backup.
Crew: Which is what?
JSC: Dock with the Russians. They have a Unix Workstation you can borrow.

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