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no menubar at windows/no field input possible, only 1 desktop

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Nils Valentin

BeitragVerfasst am: 15. Aug 2002 6:24   Titel: no menubar at windows/no field input possible, only 1 desktop

Hi everybody,

I am a user of the german Suse 8.0, gcc

When I login as root Everything is
when I login as user (nilsv) I have the
following errors:

1) no menubar at the top of the windows
so no action possible(moving,resizing etc.)
2) no field input possible. I cant input
the homepage address in the browser window
or any input field in any application )f.e
when wanting to save files I cant input the

3) Number of desktops is reduced to 1
desktop and not adjustable

I was thinking about coping the root
configuration for X-window to the user.
However I am also interested in finding out
the source of the problem. I would
appreciate any comments. Please have alook
at the screenshoot and see that no menubars
are there and they are enabled in the
configuration (Control center).

A Screenshot can be found at http://www.be-known-online.com/images/desktop.jpg"

Best regards

Nils Valentin

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