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TOSSAD - Towards open source software adoption and dissemination

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BeitragVerfasst am: 24. Aug 2004 9:53   Titel: TOSSAD - Towards open source software adoption and dissemination


ich möchte einen Mail aus der türk. linux Mailingliste weiterleiten.


Name: TOSSAD - Towards open source software adoption and dissemination


Coordination actions that will support improved adoption of Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) on a regional and national basis through analysis, benchmarking and roadmapping.

*Project outline*:

FLOSS faces more barriers in some regions of Europe (that include mostly ACC and NMS) because of various social, economical, technical factors. On the other hand, FLOSS appears to be a big opportunity for such countries, by enabling rapid and affordable deployment of information technology, skills development, cheaper solutions for education and public administrations.

This project aims to analyze and benchmark the current status of FLOSS and the barriers in such countries and to build roadmaps for faster and more effective ways of its adoption and dissemination. The results of these activities can be used to develop regional and national programmes of research and exploitation for FLOSS, by increasing awareness, educating, exploiting & re-using and tracking the results. It will also support policymakers and ICT managers in making decisions whether or not to use open source software.

To be able to achieve these objectives, national and regional networks of FLOSS actors should be formed and interconnected so that an efficient communication and information sharing platform can be established to encourage FLOSS usage, unifying developers, public administrations and private sector.

*Required expertise*:

We are looking for partners including but not limited to:

- Field experts

- Individual developers and consultants

- Small to medium size enterprises

- Companies

- National research institutes

- Universities

- Organizations and foundations

- Relevant public bodies and policy makers

with the following skills:

1. Knowledge of open source software in general

2. Knowledge of integration, migration, implementation of FLOSS.

3. Knowledge of national IT programmes

4. Knowledge of analysis, test and validation of outcoming results.

Ps. We would like to have balanced distribution of members from ACC + NMS and MS.

*Work to be carried out*:

1. Organizing 8 thematic workshops and 1 final workshop with the aim

of research and roadmapping.

2. Building 8 distinct pilot projects (including e-learning, FLOSS

in education and e-government).

3. Collecting and publishing the gathered knowledge and the results


4. Establishment of a common information system

Project duration is 24 months.

Contact person: Mr. Kaan Erkan


Tel: +90 262 648 1402

e-mail: kaan.erkan@uekae.tubitak.gov.tr <mailto:kaan.erkan@uekae.tubitak.gov.tr>

http://www.uekae.tubitak.gov.tr <http://www.uekae.tubitak.gov.tr/>

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