I'm looking for some fast and free proxychecker software


I'm looking for some fast and free proxychecker software

#1 Beitrag von SlowMike » 30. Mär 2006 9:59

I'm looking for some fast and FREE proxychecker. I'm tired of AliveProxy, ProxyCkecker7 and all other slow and stupid checkers like they.

I have found one interesting site - http://www.proxyfarm.com. Does anyone used they free proxy checker software?

Is it real that any software can collect proxies that are writed by JavaScript document.write() as described at they webpage? Or something like automated leeching proxies from pages, created by POST HTTP requests?
Just wondering if this is true and want to hear your appinion about they tool.

If anybody have tested they proxychecker, please leave some comments here... Good Luck!

I don't have any relationships with the site owner.

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#2 Beitrag von klopskuchen » 30. Mär 2006 10:38

AliveProxy, ProxyCkecker7
Bla bla bla, and so on.

I dont know "your" tool. But if you're interested in anonymity or pseudonymity, you better put such tools they handle with web-proxylists in the trash. And the proxylists too. Many of "free proxys" are owned by pissers they I better know out of my reach.


Yours, Klopskuchen
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