Need translations for a new Open Social Network

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Need translations for a new Open Social Network

#1 Beitrag von Vincent1400 » 26. Jul 2011 9:44


My name is Vincent, i live in France. I help to develop Movim, an internationnal social network, it haven't the goal to be a concurrent against Facebook but to purpose a free and decentralized alternative, in respect to Free Software philosophy.

I invite you to discover our project : (it's still in development).

Screenshot :

How to contribute ?

We need translators : we wish to be understandable in as many languages as possible, and even in some dialects for each country !

So we think to purpose Movim in your language (or in the dialect of your choice) could permit to enlarge the diffusion of this new Social Network.

Are you motivated ? Good !

If you have the courage to translate everything it would be perfect, but i'll be happy if you try to translate some pieces of text.

Visit the project

on this webiste

and the website

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Install Movim on your webserver

See the sourcecode

Mailing List

I will add your translations here .

Thanks for your valuable contribution.



#2 Beitrag von Vince » 01. Aug 2011 9:58

Here is Movim in german, the last update was yesterday :
Is there any correction to do ?

Movim is developped by two main characters : Edhelas and Etenil. You could meet them (and me ^^) on this Chan :