Thema: Erster Fernseher mit Android

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Von Lars am Fr, 9. April 2010 um 09:54 #

Panasonic hat einen FreeBSD-basierten Fernseher:

Kommentar eines Besitzers:

"I own the tv since yesterday, so I haven't played with it much, but I
know for sure that:
- you can pair an external hard disk via USB to record DVB-T programs,
and it will create a new partition table with one FreeBSD partition
formatted with UFS2
- "menu -> settings -> system info -> license" displays "The FreeBSD
copyright", followed by FreeBSD license, openssl license and curl license

The TV has also many network related and multimedia features (youtube
videos, divx on usb hdd, dlna, skype(?), etc.), but I haven't tried them
yet, except for a few youtube videos."

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