Thema: X-CD-Roast: Nach neun Jahren neue Versionen

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Von so-desu-ne am Mo, 1. Januar 2018 um 17:44 #

Vom Arch Wiki:

>Blu-ray DRM: Contrary to the DVD CSS, which was definitely compromised once the unique encryption key had been discovered, Blu-ray uses stronger DRM mechanisms, which makes it a lot more difficult to manage. Firstly, the AACS standard uses a lot more complicated cryptographic process to protect the disc content, but also allows the industry to revoke compromised keys and distribute new keys through new discs. Secondly, Blu-ray may also use another layer of protection: BD+. Although most of commercial discs use AACS, a few of them additionally use BD+. In 2007, the AACS system was compromised and decryption keys were published on the Internet. Many decryption programs were made available, but the interest to Linux users was the capability of playing their discs - legally purchased - on their computers. Although the industry was able to revoke the first leaked decryption keys, new keys are regularly published in a cat and mouse play.

Also ist klar, wem du das zu verdanken hast: Den Machern der Blu Rays und der Filmbranche. Wieso soll dann EntwicklerIn Soundso die/der ein einfaches Brennprogramm macht für die Wiedergabe von kopiergeschützten BluRays verantwortlich sein?

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