Thema: Ungewöhnliche Lizenz von SuSE CR

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Kommentare von Lesern spiegeln nicht unbedingt die Meinung der Redaktion wider.
Von mad am Fr, 26. Januar 2001 um 15:01 #
Nun, ist nicht nur der gcc, da hast du wohl den ersten Teil ueberlesen.

darum hier nochmal:


3. Linux Distros Making Incompatible Changes To System Tools

26 Nov - 27 Nov (18 posts): [PATCH] modutils 2.3.20 and beyond


Elsewhere, Keith Owens [*] (modutils maintainer) said, "I have a big problem
with Redhat. They make incompatible changes to utilities, do not feed patches
back to maintainers then expect the rest of the world to follow their lead.
The -i and -m flags to modutils are not the only example, I recently found
IA64 and Sparc patches they had added to modutils code and not bothered to
tell me. Other distributors are much better about sending me patches, Debian
and SuSe in particular do the right thing."


Mir gings auch um das Verhalten von RedHat den Entwicklern gegenueber.


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