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Von Luke Leighton am Sa, 25. Januar 2020 um 11:32 #

hi firstly i must apologise for replying in english, and secondly for not being aware for such a long time that this conversation took place.

firstly: this is a complex multi-faceted issue, and it is necessary to understand the unique business objectives and also Trademark Law. this came up again on the list so i described it here:

we are not a member, despite repeated offers to pay the $100 membership fees. the problem is that signing the agreement is effectively an NDA and silences us from speaking up.

in addition, the private lists which we would then have access to (not the google groups, the private closed and secretive member lists) are the only place where discussion of innovation takes place.

we are funded by NLNet. we received the money to develop the processor *transparently*.

how can we claim to be operating transparently if, in order to innovate, we have to engage in secretive conversations?

does this help you to understand where the problem lies?

it is a completely unique set of circumstances that was never predicted to occur, and all in-good-faith efforts to be included have been completely ignored.

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