Sicherheit: Verwendung schwacher Verschlüsselung in subscription-manager
Aktuelle Meldungen Distributionen
Name: Verwendung schwacher Verschlüsselung in subscription-manager
ID: FEDORA-2014-13781
Distribution: Fedora
Plattformen: Fedora 20
Datum: Fr, 7. November 2014, 13:18
Referenzen: http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-3566
Applikationen: subscription-manager


Name        : subscription-manager
Product : Fedora 20
Version : 1.13.6
Release : 1.fc20
URL : https://fedorahosted.org/subscription-manager/
Summary : Tools and libraries for subscription and repository management
Description :
The Subscription Manager package provides programs and libraries to allow users
to manage subscriptions and yum repositories from the Red Hat entitlement

Update Information:

New features:
- Send list of compliance reasons on dbus
- Added client-side support for --matches on the list command.

- 1153375: Support TLSv1.2 and v1.1 by default. (CVE-2014-3566)

Bug fixes:
- 1120772: Don't traceback on missing /ostree/repo
- 1094747: add appdata metdata file
- 1122107: Clarify registration --consumerid option in manpage.
- 1151925: Improved filtered listing output when results are empty.
- 990183: Add a manpage for rhsm.conf


* Thu Oct 23 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.13.6-1
- 1093325: Prevent rhsm-debug from throwing tbs (alikins@redhat.com)
- Send list of compliance reasons on dbus (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- 1149286: Updated autocompletion for RHN migration script. (crog@redhat.com)
- Fix file name for rhsm.conf.5 in spec file (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1120772: Don't traceback on missing /ostree/repo (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1094747: add appdata metdata file (jesusr@redhat.com)
- 1122107: Clarify registration --consumerid option in manpage.
- 1149636: Specify OS_VERSION to make in spec file. (awood@redhat.com)
- Added client-side support for --matches on the list command.
- 1151925: Improved filtered listing output when results are empty.
- 990183: Add a manpage for rhsm.conf (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 1122530: Improved grammar and abbreviation usage. (crog@redhat.com)
- 1120576: Added additional testing of version parsing (crog@redhat.com)
* Fri Oct 3 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.13.5-1
- Use wildcards in the spec file. (awood@redhat.com)
* Thu Oct 2 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.13.4-1
- Latest strings from zanata. (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1122001: Reg with --consumerid no longer checks subs (crog@redhat.com)
- 1119648: Added additional functionality to repo listing. (crog@redhat.com)
- Move find content method off entitlement source. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- More generic search for content method on entitlment source.
- Refactor generic model into it's own namespace. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Refactor EntCertEntitledContent. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Add a 'install-pip-requirements' target (alikins@redhat.com)
- Drop models ContentSet and EntCertEntitledContentSet. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
* Fri Sep 26 2014 Bryan Kearney <bkearney@redhat.com> 1.13.3-1
- Merge pull request #1023 from candlepin/alikins/ppc64le (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- Merge pull request #1026 from
candlepin/csnyder/update_repo_dialog_config_msg_1139174 (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- Message needed a period (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- Fix certdirectory tests leaking temp directories. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- 1142436 - Final fix pre-QE (ggainey@redhat.com)
- Repo dialog displays appropriate message when repos are disabled by config.
- 1142436 - unentitle is default, update output, still DRAFT
- 1142436 - Give sat5to6 a man-page - DRAFT (ggainey@redhat.com)
- Include ppc64le in list of archs to skip dmi (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1134963: Fix 'release --list' on some systems. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add Fedora 21 branch to releaser. (awood@redhat.com)
* Fri Sep 12 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.13.2-1
- Added non-overriding default prod dir tests (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1135621: fix duplicate product ids from default dir (ckozak@redhat.com)
- Remove --force option for sat5to6. (awood@redhat.com)
- Disable RHN yum plugin for unentitled Satellite 5 systems. (awood@redhat.com)
- Don't ask for org and environment with consumerid. (awood@redhat.com)
- 1128061: Don't raise logged Disconnected on unreg (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1128658: do not contact RHN if unregistered (jesusr@redhat.com)
- 1132919: Repo dialog information is updated without the need for a gui
restart. (csnyder@csnyder.usersys.redhat.com)
* Thu Sep 4 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.13.1-1
- Make 'gettext_lint' target grok _(u"foo") strings.
- Add a sat5to6 migration script.
* Thu Aug 28 2014 jesus m. rodriguez <jesusr@redhat.com> 1.12.14-1
- 1132071: Update rhsm-debug to collect product-default directory
- 1123029: Use default product certs if present. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Latest strings from zanata. (alikins@redhat.com)
* Wed Aug 20 2014 jesus m. rodriguez <jesusr@redhat.com> 1.12.13-1
- 1124685: Handle /status without rules-version (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1125132: Label does not change to Attaching on Fristboot progress bar
- 1128061: Stop logging expected exceptions on unreg (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1129480: don't query envs when actkey is given (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1130637: Correct call to os.path.isfile (awood@redhat.com)
* Wed Aug 13 2014 jesus m. rodriguez <jesusr@redhat.com> 1.12.12-1
- Extract the latest strings from the code (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 1126724: Use port instead of 443 for the url help text (bkearney@redhat.com)
* Wed Jul 30 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.12.11-1
- 1124726: Man page entry for '--no-subscriptions' option
- 1122772: yum repolist now displays warning when appropriate.
* Fri Jul 25 2014 jesus m. rodriguez <jesusr@redhat.com> 1.12.10-1
- Revert "1114132: subman-gui and other tools are disabled in container
mode." (jesusr@redhat.com)
- Revert "include dirent.h" (jesusr@redhat.com)
* Fri Jul 25 2014 jesus m. rodriguez <jesusr@redhat.com> 1.12.9-1
- include dirent.h (jesusr@redhat.com)
* Fri Jul 25 2014 jesus m. rodriguez <jesusr@redhat.com> 1.12.8-1
- 1039577: simplify reposgui gpgcheck control (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1046132: Makes rhsm-icon slightly less annoying. (csnyder@redhat.com)
- 1054632: Adds '7.x' to how to launch section of manual.
- 1065158: Prompt for environment on registration when necessary
- 1114126: Container mode message is written to stderr (csnyder@redhat.com)
- 1114132: subman-gui and other tools are disabled in container mode.
- 1115499: Allow enable/disable repos in same command. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- 1118012: Fixes several typos in man page. (csnyder@redhat.com)
- 1121251: rhsm-debug system does not bash-complete for
"--no-subscriptions" (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- 1121272: fix typo that blocked enabling repos via CLI (ckozak@redhat.com)
- cleanup and fix gui pool reselection on refresh (ckozak@redhat.com)
- Force subscription-manager yum plugin to respect the managed root
- Force product-id yum plugin to respect the managed root (rholy@redhat.com)
- Display other overrides in the gui (ckozak@redhat.com)
* Thu Jul 3 2014 jesus m. rodriguez <jesusr@redhat.com> 1.12.7-1
- 1114117: Allow subscriptions to be excluded from rhsm-debug data collection
- Remove debugging print line from managerlib (ckozak@redhat.com)
* Mon Jun 30 2014 jesus m. rodriguez <jesusr@redhat.com> 1.12.6-1
- 1022622: Modifies --no-overlap to show pools which provide products not
already covered. (csnyder@redhat.com)
- Reload ostree_config after updating remotes. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix iniparse tidy import. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove noise debug logging. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Include 'tls-ca-path' for ostree remote configs. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use iniparse.util.tidy if installed. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix odd ostree repo config whitespace issues. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Always update ostree refspec when adding remotes. (alikins@redhat.com)
* Thu Jun 26 2014 Adrian Likins <alikins@redhat.com> 1.12.5-1
- Merge pull request #978 from candlepin/alikins/ostree_gpg_http
- Merge pull request #979 from candlepin/csnyder/help_message_identity_force
- Use rhsm.baseurl for ostree urls as well. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Handle Content.gpg="http://" as gpg-verify=false (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1107810: Updates help message for identity --force. (csnyder@redhat.com)
- Merge pull request #977 from candlepin/alikins/handle_no_origin (dgoodwin@rm-
- Merge pull request #974 from cgwalters/doc-typos (jmrodri@nc.rr.com)
- Merge pull request #973 from candlepin/alikins/1112282_cond_ostree_rpm
- make has_ostree use macro value NOT hardcoded value. (jesusr@redhat.com)
- Handle missing or empty ostree origin file. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix saving ostree remote configs with gpg set. (alikins@redhat.com)
- plugin/ostree: Fix doc typos (walters@verbum.org)
- Merge pull request #972 from candlepin/ckozak/fix_custom_fact_log
- Merge pull request #968 from candlepin/alikins/setup_py (jmrodri@nc.rr.com)
- 1112282: Dont build ostree plugin subpackage < 7 (alikins@redhat.com)
- Merge pull request #966 from
candlepin/alikins/1108257_rhel_5_workstation_special (c4kofony@gmail.com)
- Add required bz flags to tito releaser definition. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- 1112326: remove extra '/' from custom fact loading error logging
- Allow tests to run in any TZ (mstead@redhat.com)
- Temp ignore use of subprocess.check_output (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add test cases for 'rhel-5-workstation' tags. (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1108257: special case prod tag rhel-5-workstation (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add a simple setup.py. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Merge pull request #965 from candlepin/alikins/good_enthusiasm_pep8 (dgoodwin
- Turn off verbose mode of pyqver. (alikins@redhat.com)
- make stylish cleanups for new pep8 (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add tox.ini with ignores for pep8 indention (alikins@redhat.com)
* Thu Jun 19 2014 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin@rm-rf.ca> 1.12.4-1
- Fix broken logging statement in container mode. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- 1067035: Move Subscription Manager version for better layout
* Mon Jun 16 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.12.3-1
- Bumping required python-rhsm version (mstead@redhat.com)
- Fixing checkstyle. (mstead@redhat.com)
- TODO/FIXME cleanup. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Cleanup BaseOstreeKeyFileTest.cfgfile_data (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove unused model.OstreeRepo (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use python-rhsm's new EntCert.key_path() (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add specific exception for refspec parse error (alikins@redhat.com)
- stylish cleanups (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add test cases for OstreeContents (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove fixed FIXME. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add section name to exception reading remote name. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove unused origin/refspec from report. (alikins@redhat.com)
- repr and report format cleanups. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Save needed ostree remote info to config file. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Mock an ent cert associated with a content. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Start passing along ent cert ssl info to ostree (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix mismerge for OstreeContents usage (alikins@redhat.com)
- call get_path() to get path string on deploy (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove done TODO (map gpgkey->gpg-verify) (alikins@redhat.com)
- _get_deployed_origin returns None if not a ostree install
- Fix missed return in gi_wrapper. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Rename poor choice of gi.py script. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Only replace origin remote if it matches first portion of ref.
- Test subprocess error calling pygobject3 script, log output.
- Start making OstreeContent resp for finding contents. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add models.py to spec (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make models internal data attrs '_' (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add a static map_gpg to OstreeRemote (alikins@redhat.com)
- stylish cleanups (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove 'api' module. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add models module, for objects we pass to plugins (alikins@redhat.com)
- OSTree package depends on pygobject3-base. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Move gi introspection code to separate script. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Add some missing copyright notices. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Remove inj from 'api' module. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add more tests. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove per class repo_file_store_class (alikins@redhat.com)
- Package ostree plugin as a sub-package. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Test cases for OstreeConfig and ..RepoFileWriter (alikins@redhat.com)
- When persisting a OstreeCore copy all items. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Default empty OstreeRemotes or OstreeCore (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix test cases to look for ostree.config (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make OstreeConfig use OstreeConfigFileStore (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove OstreeConfigUpdater (alikins@redhat.com)
- Complete happy path test for origin remote updating. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Attempt to disambiguate use of repo_config_file variables.
- Beginning tests for ostree origin updating, refactor tempfiles in tests.
- Name changes (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add method to replace ostree remote in a refspec. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Get some better reporting, albeit klugey. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add some temp kluge, OstreeRemote's not immutable (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make OstreeRemote a dict (alikins@redhat.com)
- Simplify the config model a little. (alikins@redhat.com)
- s/PluginManagerRunner/PluginHookRunner (alikins@redhat.com)
- Stylish cleanups. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add a runiter to the fixtures mock PluginManager (alikins@redhat.com)
- We still need the entdir refresh for 'attach'. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use PluginManager.runiter for content actions. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add a PluginManager.runiter() method. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Update plugin docs. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add notes, comments, docstrings. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Get ostree repo config saving working-ish (alikins@redhat.com)
- Update some missed tests. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Refactor to an update content plugin. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Update makefile and spec for ostree plugin. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Move ostree plugin support code to subscription-manager namespace.
- Add ostree/model.py for ostree related models. (alikins@redhat.com)
- More tests for ostree/repo_file (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add src/content_plugins to coverage (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use RhsmConfigParser to read repo config (alikins@redhat.com)
- More ostree impl tests. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use the 'api' module when importing from plugins.
- Start of test for 'api' module. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add an api module with our "exported" symbols (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use regular config parser instead of pyxdg (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add start of tests for ostree repo action (alikins@redhat.com)
- Start ostree repo action class stubs (alikins@redhat.com)
- Start ostree implementation tests (alikins@redhat.com)
- Start adding ostree implementation (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add TODO about content_plugin installs (alikins@redhat.com)
- Move OstreeContentActionInvoker to it's own module (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove unneeded #!/usr/bin/python (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make ostree content action loaded from plugins. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Log exceptions from trying to load plugins. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add ostree_content plugin entry point (alikins@redhat.com)
- HACK: install ostree content plugin in site-packages (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add content_plugins dir,and ostree content plugins (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove sample yum_content plugin (alikins@redhat.com)
- Hit ContentActionClient for some test coverage. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add test for ContentActionPluginConduit (alikins@redhat.com)
- entcertlib.repo_hook can be content type agnostic (alikins@redhat.com)
- Replace odd usage of 'repolib' name. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Load content actions from plugin class search (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add a dummy yum_content plugin for testing (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add ContentActionPluginConduit plugin. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add ostree_action_invoker (ostree repo action) (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add ContentActionClient (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1104158: Version command needs better explanation for content
* Mon Jun 16 2014 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin@rm-rf.ca> 1.12.2-1
- 1070585: GUI no longer locks on connection test. Adds cancel button.
- Disable CLI if we are running inside a container. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Don't encourage registration in yum plugin if we have ents but no
- Allow yum plugin to generate redhat.repo when unregistered.
- Rev zanata branch to 1.12.X (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1030638: Changes default resolution values in mainwindow.glade to 800x600.
- 1086377: Next system check-in not displaying in RHEL 5.11
- Fix plugin config so conduit conf methods work. (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1058380: Subscripton Manager plugin reporting Subscription Management when
RHN is in use (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- Add support for sphinx doc generation. (alikins@redhat.com)
* Thu Jun 5 2014 jesus m. rodriguez <jesusr@redhat.com> 1.12.1-1
- bump version to 1.12 (jesusr@redhat.com)
- Support getting release versions via API call (mstead@redhat.com)
- 855050: set default fallback window icon (ckozak@redhat.com)
- refresh ent_dir after adding/deleting certs (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1035440: Don't rewrite redhat.repo unless it has changed
- 1097536: match-installed filter was incorrectly removed. (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- 1092754: 1094879: Remove install-num-migrate-to-rhsm tool (ckozak@redhat.com)
* Mon May 26 2014 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin@rm-rf.ca> 1.11.7-1
- update existing repos with non-default overrides (ckozak@redhat.com)
- correct repos --list behavior (ckozak@redhat.com)
- Cache overrides when RepoFile is written (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1098891: Apply overrides to mutable properties (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1076359; Removes the extra l from --remove all (csnyder@redhat.com)
- 1098891: Update repos, persisting local settings when possible
- 1094617: Status line reporting for installed products uses incorrect date
- 1097208: 1097703: Fix rhsmcertd-worker daemon (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1086301: Fix product id product version compare (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1096777: Bad URI for remove by serial (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- 1095938: re-add at-spi locator in repos window (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1094492: Consumer name length issues in certificate (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- Fix yum subman plugin RepoActionInvoker error. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Overrides had no "cp", the connection was named uep
* Thu May 1 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.11.6-1
- s/certmgr/action_client in spec (alikins@redhat.com)
* Thu May 1 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.11.5-1
- Removing CVS properties since CVS is dead. (awood@redhat.com)
- CertSorter syncs installed prods before super init. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add more entcertlib class and method docs. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Reorder methods in roughly exec order (alikins@redhat.com)
- entcertlib docstring cleanup (alikins@redhat.com)
- TestDataLib -> TestBaseActionInvoker (alikins@redhat.com)
- repolib.RepoUpdateAction ->RepoUpdateActionCommand (alikins@redhat.com)
- repolib.RepoLib -> RepoActionInvoker (alikins@redhat.com)
- InstalledProductsLib -> InstalledProductsActionInvoker
- IdentityCertLib -> IdentityCertActionInvoker (alikins@redhat.com)
- healiblib.HealingLib -> HealingActionInvoker (alikins@redhat.com)
- FactAction -> FactsActionCommand (alikins@redhat.com)
- FactActionReport -> FactsActionReport (alikins@redhat.com)
- FactLib -> FactsActionInvoker (alikins@redhat.com)
- entcertlib.EntCertLib -> EntCertActionInvoker (alikins@redhat.com)
- certlib.DataLib -> certlib.BaseActionInvoker (alikins@redhat.com)
- rename certmgr.py to action_client (alikins@redhat.com)
- Rename CertManager to ActionClient (alikins@redhat.com)
- Rename CertManager to CertActionClient (alikins@redhat.com)
- Update docstrings. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove no longer used old_install. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add entcertlib docs (alikins@redhat.com)
- update copyright info (alikins@redhat.com)
- s/entdir/ent_dir since we use that slightly more (alikins@redhat.com)
- factsgui identity now injected at the last minute (alikins@redhat.com)
- SubManFixture's mock identity now NonCallable (alikins@redhat.com)
- test_async does not need to mock Facts (alikins@redhat.com)
- Store default inject stub Facts on SubManFixture (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove unneeded Facts() init. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Replace Facts() with injected facts in managercli (alikins@redhat.com)
- Start replacing use of Facts() with inj'ed facts (alikins@redhat.com)
- Stop passing facts to ReleaseBackend. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make repolib use inject ent_dir/prod_dir (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make cp_provider manage ContentConnection (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make ReleaseBackend use inj'ed ent/prod dirs (alikins@redhat.com)
- split migrates basic/consumer connection methods (alikins@redhat.com)
- migrate.py now uses inj'ed CP_PROVIDER (alikins@redhat.com)
- ReleaseBackend doesn't need a uep, remove it. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Stop passing a uep into CertManager and friends. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Don't pass cp to RepoLib from cli, use inj (alikins@redhat.com)
- update Overrides to use inject uep (alikins@redhat.com)
- Split IdentityCertLib into Lib+Action (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use the mock cp_provider inject with the fixture (alikins@redhat.com)
- certlib.DataLib doesn't need a uep now (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix testcase to use injected uep (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use inj'ed UEP in healinglib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use inj'ed UEP in repolib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use inj'ed UEP in packageprofilelib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use inject uep in installedproductslib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove unneeded mock Facts in test_certmgr (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make certmgr let FactLib use inj uep (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make FactActionReport use inj'ed UEP (alikins@redhat.com)
- Start letting EntCertLib use injected UEP (alikins@redhat.com)
- Move entcertlib to use inj'ed cp_proivder (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove now wrong comment (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove late import of repolib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove incorrect docstrings (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove initial entcertlib invocation (alikins@redhat.com)
- Don't pass in a facts object, inject it (alikins@redhat.com)
- We don't use the passed in entdir, don't pass it (alikins@redhat.com)
- Handle ActionReport lists having None (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove commented out code (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix up for now, but need to remove these tests (alikins@redhat.com)
- certdata merge cleanups (alikins@redhat.com)
- merge cleanups (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add new files to spec (alikins@redhat.com)
- stylish cleanups (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use injected identity instead of consumer object (alikins@redhat.com)
- Update to use Caputure() instead of MockStdout (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix v1 cert exp cert output for catcert tests (alikins@redhat.com)
- self.installed is a property now, fix references (alikins@redhat.com)
- merge cleanups (alikins@redhat.com)
- make stylish cleanups (alikins@redhat.com)
- Update repolib tests for certlib refactor (alikins@redhat.com)
- Repo/override cli tests use injected identity (alikins@redhat.com)
- Update Repos and overrides for injected identity (alikins@redhat.com)
- Update RepoLib to use new DataLib init (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix mismerge and merge cleanups (alikins@redhat.com)
- Stylish cleanups, mostly no longer used imports (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove unused ProductCertRepo bits (alikins@redhat.com)
- Keep certmgr update_reports as a instance variable (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove certlib.ConsumerIdentity. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Move firstboot to use injected identity. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Move 'subscription-manager' yum plugin to inj (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove unused ConsumerIdentity from test_unreg (alikins@redhat.com)
- Using injection in migration for prod_dir/identity (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove _get_consumer_id from EntUpdateAction (alikins@redhat.com)
- Move old test_certlib to test_entcertlib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix fetch_certificates for entcert Report (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add some comments about id error logging (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add a certmgr.UnregisterCertMgr class (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add a RepoActionReport formatter (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add a RepoActionReport (alikins@redhat.com)
- More injected id, clean check_registration use (alikins@redhat.com)
- Test fixes and merge/rebase cleanup (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make string equals show expected/actual (alikins@redhat.com)
- identitycertlib now uses injected identity (alikins@redhat.com)
- certmgr tests were hitting real rpmdb (alikins@redhat.com)
- PackageProfileManager/InstalledProductsManager inj (alikins@redhat.com)
- Move PackageProfileLib and InstalledProductsLib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make rhsm_d use injection consumer identity (alikins@redhat.com)
- Convert test_async to use SubManFixture (alikins@redhat.com)
- test_certmgr calls uep.getRelease, so mock it (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use injected consumer identity in firstboot (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use injected consume identity in factlib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use ConsumerIdentity from identity not certlib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix self.exceptions reference (alikins@redhat.com)
- _valid_consumer to _inject_mock_valid_consumer (alikins@redhat.com)
- Move _[in]valid_consumer to test/fixture.py (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use injected Identity in repolib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Remove certlib.ConsumerIdentity from managerlib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Inject identity in utils for version check (alikins@redhat.com)
- Give a name to Mock()s created in test/fixture (alikins@redhat.com)
- Re add the new slimmer fitter certlib.py (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make entcertlib uses injected identity (alikins@redhat.com)
- Split certlib into entcertlib and certlib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make IdentityCertLib use inj IDENTITY (alikins@redhat.com)
- Move IdentityCertLib to identitycertlib.py (alikins@redhat.com)
- Split Healing* into healinglib.py (alikins@redhat.com)
- repolib.UpdateAction is now RepoUpdateAction (alikins@redhat.com)
- Checkout idcertlib._status from it's report (alikins@redhat.com)
- Inject an ActionLock, and a Facts class. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add ActionReports, certlib cleanup, lock cleanup (alikins@redhat.com)
- The Action subclass is unneeded now. (alikins@redhat.com)
- CertManager split CertManager/HealingCertManager (alikins@redhat.com)
- HealingAction just uses an EntCertUpdateReport atm (alikins@redhat.com)
- reAction()'ify repolib, add RepoReport (alikins@redhat.com)
- reAction()'ify Factlib, add FactUpdateReport (alikins@redhat.com)
- certmgr expects a ActionReport from Action.perform (alikins@redhat.com)
- Rename CertLib->EntCertLib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Split UpdateReport into base class and sub classes (alikins@redhat.com)
- Create UpdateReport in Certlib.CertLib and pass it (alikins@redhat.com)
- Start refactoring certlib (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add product certs with os_name in certdata (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add ProductIdRepoMap as core of ProductDatabase (alikins@redhat.com)
- Add a DefaultDict (defaultdict with pretty print) (alikins@redhat.com)
* Mon Apr 28 2014 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.11.4-1
- Move atspi locator to correct element (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1090560: readd locator to the all subs view (ckozak@redhat.com)
- test_cert_sorter could fail based on test order (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1058383: widgets are added and removed dynamically (ckozak@redhat.com)
* Thu Apr 10 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.11.3-1
- Cleanup entbranding tests names. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Test cases for empty,none,not set brand type/name (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use a real certificate2.Product in tests cases. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Latest strings from zanata (alikins@redhat.com)
* Thu Mar 20 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.11.2-1
- Use the new Product.brand_name for brand_name (alikins@redhat.com)
- 865702: Dont render exc messages with bogus markup (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1070908: Don't count cpus without topo for lpar (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1075167: Avoid using injected values in migrate-classic-to-rhsm
- 1074568: Use our translations in optparser (ckozak@redhat.com)
- Man page spelling corrections (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- 1070737: correct config section for ca_cert_dir (ckozak@redhat.com)
* Thu Feb 27 2014 Alex Wood <awood@redhat.com> 1.11.1-1
- 1021069: Add reference to network usage info. (alikins@redhat.com)
- latest strings from zanata 1.11.X branch (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1061923: Remove trailing period from privacy URL (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- 1039913: rhsm-debug updates and fixes (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1061407: don't allow some translations (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1055664: rhsm-debug now follows more config paths (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1038242: add anaconda.pid check before chroot (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1035115: Update product id certs (alikins@redhat.com)
- 864195: New output line for subscribe --auto if it can't cover all
- 1060727: Changes to rhsm-debug for sos report (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- 1044596: Don't match beta product tags for release (alikins@redhat.com)
- 851325: Tweak activation key checkbox to left (alikins@redhat.com)
- Use systemd RPM macros to make life easier. (awood@redhat.com)
- 958016: use rpm %{optflags} and _hardended_build (alikins@redhat.com)
* Tue Feb 11 2014 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.10.14-1
- Use glob for finding entitlement certs to remove. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Make sure entitlement cert directory exists before we clean it out.
- safer default args in AsyncWidgetUpdater (ckozak@redhat.com)
- use enumerate instead of confusing myself (ckozak@redhat.com)
- Pull in latest strings from zanata (bkearney@redhat.com)
- make sure entitlement has a pool before reading it (ckozak@redhat.com)
- quickly load preferences (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1061937: preference changes occur in the background (ckozak@redhat.com)
- use existing signals (ckozak@redhat.com)
- simplify preferences window (ckozak@redhat.com)
- Fix test failure if run on system that is registered. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- 1061393: Don't allow subscription-manager string to be translated
- 1016427: On string was missed from the extraction (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 1058495: productid yum errors on yum remove (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1026501: Preserve PKI directories and have rpm own them.
- 1058374: Fix crash on exception in managergui._show_buttons
* Mon Feb 3 2014 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.10.13-1
- 1060917: catch exception thrown in firstboot (ckozak@redhat.com)
- Extract the latest strings (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 995121: require gnome-icon-theme for calendar icon (alikins@redhat.com)
* Mon Feb 3 2014 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.10.12-1
- added testing for the pooltype cache (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 961003: Stricter matches for rhel product tags (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1059809: Cache pool types to avoid unnecessary api calls (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1059809 Improve attach and remove performance add progress bar
- 908869: Fix the mis-transated options in pt-BR (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 1044596: handle http,socket,ssl fetching release (alikins@redhat.com)
- dont always print exception message (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1044596: Make release listing handle empty data (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1020423: update help messages (jesusr@redhat.com)
- Fix incorrect patching. (awood@redhat.com)
- Mock ProductDatabase so tests can run without a productid.js file
- 825388: Properly wrap text when reaching dialog limit (mstead@redhat.com)
- 1021443: display Consumer deleted message (jesusr@redhat.com)
- Altering titles per mreid conversation. (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- 1039736: Fix missed reference to CloudForms in tooltip. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Fix ta_IN translation problem. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Lock timezone to EST5EDT in timezone tests. (awood@redhat.com)
- 1005329: add at-spi locator to the SLA selection table (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1039914: Update the rhsm-debug man page (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 874169: Fix label alignment in progress UI (mstead@redhat.com)
- 1020361: Replace the use of the term Valid with Current in the status command
- 1028596: Add the repo-override command to the subscription-manager man page
- 1020522: Update the man page for subscription-manager with new list options
- Pull in the latest strings from zanata. (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 1057719: adding a small section on deprecated commands (dlackey@redhat.com)
- 1017354: remove msg printed to stderr via yum (alikins@redhat.com)
- 857147: Auto-subscribe window has a confusing name (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- Use dateutil.tz instead of pytz. (awood@redhat.com)
- 883486: The local time's start/end dates rendered in the list
--available/--consumed incorrect (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- 1049037: Add conditional requires on migration data package.
- 973938: correctly handle SIGPIPE in rct (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 878089: Add line wrapping when listing subscription-manager modules
- 1017354: Ensure all message go to stdout, not stderr (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 851325: Anchor choose server "default" button beside the text box.
- 1039739: Add 96x96 and 256x256 icons (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 873967: Move choose server tooltips closer to the elements they assist with.
- 1044686: Make serverurl parse error detailed again (alikins@redhat.com)
* Wed Jan 22 2014 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.10.11-1
- 1018807: Ensure virt facts are a single line (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 1007580: Print blank spaces if there is no contract number on the list
command (bkearney@redhat.com)
- Fedora 18 is at end of life. (awood@redhat.com)
- Updated translations. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- 104338: add default dest dir to rhsm-debug help (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1042897: add proxy info to rhsm-debug completion (alikins@redhat.com)
- 914833: rct cat-cert output reports an Order: Subscription: field.
- 1052297: delay import of site module (ckozak@redhat.com)
- set default encoding to utf-8 in rhsm-debug and migrate scripts
- 1048325: Set default encoding to utf-8 when running the rct script
- 1050850: re-evaluate system facts when checking for updates
- Some refactoring of rhsm-debug (alikins@redhat.com)
- Additional improvements to rhsm-debug (wpoteat@redhat.com)
* Mon Jan 6 2014 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.10.10-1
- 1039736: Modify the remote server string to reference Satellite instead of
CloudForms (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 916666: Change method of service detection (wpoteat@redhat.com)
- Correct at-spi name for subscription type text (ckozak@redhat.com)
* Tue Dec 17 2013 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.10.9-1
- Check for RHSM_DISPLAY before loading any modules. (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1034429: Fix stacktrace in logs on unregister. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- add ServerUrlParseException strings to mapper (jesusr@redhat.com)
- 1040167: Update installed products properly (ckozak@redhat.com)
- Added atspi locator for overall status (ckozak@redhat.com)
- ExceptionMapper will now traverse object graph looking for message
- Convert tests on stderr to use Capture context manager. (awood@redhat.com)
- Have Capture grab both stdout and stderr. (awood@redhat.com)
- Updated for readability (ckozak@redhat.com)
- replace file monitors with a single monitor (ckozak@redhat.com)
- Rename capture context manager and use new-style classes. (awood@redhat.com)
- Correct Makefile for RHEL 5. (awood@redhat.com)
- 1030604: print to stdout instead of stderr for consistency
- display pool type in cli and gui (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1031008: Properly handle exceptions when checking compliance
- Change the capture() context manager to tee output. (awood@redhat.com)
- Remove mock stdout. Nosetest captures stdout by default. (awood@redhat.com)
- respect http(s)_proxy env variable for proxy information (jesusr@redhat.com)
- Created ExceptionMapper to allow sharing exception messages
* Fri Dec 6 2013 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.10.8-1
- 1030604: Handle 400 code for add override (mstead@redhat.com)
- Use backed to ensure a refreshed Overrides object (mstead@redhat.com)
- 1034574: Alternate message based on why no repos exist in GUI
- 1034396: No longer require entitlements to run repo-override command
- 1033741: Refresh Overrides CP connection when dialog is shown
- 1033690: Updated repo-overrides not supported message (mstead@redhat.com)
- 1034649: Only allow repolib to update override cache if supported by the
server (mstead@redhat.com)
- 1032673: Warn on add override if repo doesn't exist (mstead@redhat.com)
- 1030996: Fixed usage text for repo-override add/remove options
- 1032243: Updated the redhat.repo warning (mstead@redhat.com)
- Use local ent certs to list attached pools (ckozak@redhat.com)
- 1021013: Change wording on firstboot address screen (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1020539: Show proxy info if no RHN in firstboot (alikins@redhat.com)
- Make zip file of consumer information for debugging (wpoteat@redhat.com)
* Thu Nov 14 2013 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.10.7-1
- 998033: Handle Unauthorized/Forbidden exceptions in CLI/GUI
- Remove unnecessary network calls after clean command (ckozak@redhat.com)
- Bumping the python-rhsm required version (mstead@redhat.com)
- Latest translations. (awood@redhat.com)
- Introduced an Override model object to OverrideLib (mstead@redhat.com)
- Use injected Identity instead of ConsumerIdentity in repolib
- Catch ValueError when determining boolean value (mstead@redhat.com)
- Use a simplier method to compare two lists of dictionaries.
- Hide item when server does not support overrides. (mstead@redhat.com)
- Show message instead of repo table when no repos exist. (mstead@redhat.com)
- Made Repository Details resemble Subscription Details (mstead@redhat.com)
- Created an overrides module (mstead@redhat.com)
- Created Repository Management Dialog (mstead@redhat.com)
- Add 'repo-override' command to alter content repositories
* Thu Nov 7 2013 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.10.6-1
- 985502: Use yum.i18n utf8_width function for string length in CLI
- 916666: Displayed 'Next System Check-In' is inaccuarate
- Change wording for identity in CLI command. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- 1019753: Stop including a fake consumer UUID fact. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- 1022198: Display highest suggested quantity in contract selection
- Hook up the 'why register' dialog from old rhn-client-tools.
- Add screen to describe and skip registration in Fedora/EL7 firstboot.
- Fix firstboot on Fedora 19. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Report distribution.version.modifier fact. ex 'beta'
- Center filter dialog on parent window when opened (mstead@redhat.com)
- Sort owner list in org selection screen (mstead@redhat.com)
- 1004318: Bash completion for rct was not handing options and file lists
correctly. (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 1023166: Strip leading and trailing whitespaces from all usernames and
passwords provided on the cli (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 963579: Stop hiding the Library environment. (dgoodwin@redhat.com)
- Fix layout issues with select sla screen in firstboot. (alikins@redhat.com)
- Fix the layout for "Confirm Subscriptions" screen.
* Fri Oct 25 2013 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.10.5-1
- 1021581: account/contract display nothing when no data exists
- Swap heading of selectsla/confirmsubs widgets. (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1006748: replace simplejson with 'ourjson' (alikins@redhat.com)
* Thu Oct 17 2013 ckozak <ckozak@redhat.com> 1.10.4-1
- 1017351: ignore dbus failures on show_window (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1016643: Fix firstboot issues with new firstboot. (alikins@redhat.com)
- 1005420: adding --ondate to manpage (dlackey@redhat.com.com)
- 1007580: Add contract number to the output of list --available
- 1017299: handle dmidecode module not installed (alikins@redhat.com)
- 846331: Add tooltips to the filters page (bkearney@redhat.com)
- 1015553: fix help message for no-overlap. display usage requirement

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