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Name: Mehrere Probleme in PHP
ID: FEDORA-2016-d6b82fc729
Distribution: Fedora
Plattformen: Fedora 25
Datum: Di, 18. Oktober 2016, 14:35
Referenzen: Keine Angabe
Applikationen: PHP


Name        : php
Product : Fedora 25
Version : 7.0.12
Release : 2.fc25
URL : http://www.php.net/
Summary : PHP scripting language for creating dynamic web sites
Description :
PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. PHP attempts to make it
easy for developers to write dynamically generated web pages. PHP also
offers built-in database integration for several commercial and
non-commercial database management systems, so writing a
database-enabled webpage with PHP is fairly simple. The most common
use of PHP coding is probably as a replacement for CGI scripts.

The php package contains the module (often referred to as mod_php)
which adds support for the PHP language to Apache HTTP Server.

Update Information:

13 Oct 2016 - **PHP version 7.0.12** **Core:** * Fixed bug php#73025 (Heap
Buffer Overflow in virtual_popen of zend_virtual_cwd.c). (cmb) * Fixed bug
php#72703 (Out of bounds global memory read in BF_crypt triggered by
password_verify). (Anatol) * Fixed bug php#73058 (crypt broken when salt is
'too' long). (Anatol) * Fixed bug php#69579 (Invalid free in extension
(John Boehr) * Fixed bug php#73156 (segfault on undefined function). (Dmitry) *
Fixed bug php#73163 (PHP hangs if error handler throws while accessing undef
const in default value). (Nikita) * Fixed bug php#73172 (parse error: Invalid
numeric literal). (Nikita, Anatol) * Fixed for php#73240 (Write out of bounds
number_format). (Stas) * Fixed bug php#73147 (Use After Free in PHP7
unserialize()). (Stas) * Fixed bug php#73189 (Memcpy negative size parameter
php_resolve_path). (Stas) **BCmath:** * Fix bug php#73190 (memcpy negative
parameter _bc_new_num_ex). (Stas) **Date:** * Fixed bug php#73091
(Unserializing DateInterval object may lead to __toString invocation). (Stas)
**DOM:** * Fixed bug php#73150 (missing NULL check in dom_document_save_html).
(Stas) **Filter:** * Fixed bug php#72972 (Bad filter for the flags
php#73054 (default option ignored when object passed to int filter). (cmb)
**GD:** * Fixed bug php#67325 (imagetruecolortopalette: white is duplicated in
palette). (cmb) * Fixed bug php#50194 (imagettftext broken on transparent
background w/o alphablending). (cmb) * Fixed bug php#73003 (Integer Overflow in
gdImageWebpCtx of gd_webp.c). (trylab, cmb) * Fixed bug php#53504 (imagettfbbox
gives incorrect values for bounding box). (Mark Plomer, cmb) * Fixed bug
php#73157 (imagegd2() ignores 3rd param if 4 are given). (cmb) * Fixed bug
php#73155 (imagegd2() writes wrong chunk sizes on boundaries). (cmb) * Fixed
php#73159 (imagegd2(): unrecognized formats may result in corrupted files).
(cmb) * Fixed bug php#73161 (imagecreatefromgd2() may leak memory). (cmb)
**Intl:** * Fixed bug php#73218 (add mitigation for ICU int overflow). (Stas)
**Mbstring:** * Fixed bug php#66797 (mb_substr only takes 32-bit signed
integer). (cmb) * Fixed bug php#66964 (mb_convert_variables() cannot detect
recursion) (Yasuo) * Fixed bug php#72992 (mbstring.internal_encoding
inherit default_charset). (Yasuo) **Mysqlnd:** * Fixed bug php#72489 (PHP
Crashes When Modifying Array Containing MySQLi Result Data). (Nikita)
**Opcache:** * Fixed bug php#72982 (Memory leak in
zend_accel_blacklist_update_regexp() function). (Laruence) **OpenSSL:** *
Fixed bug php#73072 (Invalid path SNI_server_certs causes segfault). (Jakub
Zelenka) * Fixed bug php#73276 (crash in openssl_random_pseudo_bytes function).
(Stas) * Fixed bug php#73275 (crash in openssl_encrypt function). (Stas)
**PCRE:** * Fixed bug php#73121 (Bundled PCRE doesn't compile because JIT
supported on s390). (Anatol) * Fixed bug php#73174 (heap overflow in
php_pcre_replace_impl). (Stas) **PDO_DBlib:** * Fixed bug php#72414 (Never
quote values as raw binary data). (Adam Baratz) * Allow \PDO::setAttribute() to
set query timeouts. (Adam Baratz) * Handle SQLDECIMAL/SQLNUMERIC types, which
are used by later TDS versions. (Adam Baratz) * Add common PDO test suite.
Baratz) * Free error and message strings when cleaning up PDO instances. (Adam
Baratz) * Fixed bug php#67130 (\PDOStatement::nextRowset() should succeed when
all rows in current rowset haven't been fetched). (Peter LeBrun) * Ignore
potentially misleading dberr values. (Chris Kings-Lynne) **phpdbg:** * Fixed
bug php#72996 (phpdbg_prompt.c undefined reference to DL_LOAD). (Nikita) *
next command not stopping when leaving function. (Bob) **Session:** * Fixed
bug php#68015 (Session does not report invalid uid for files save handler).
(Yasuo) * Fixed bug php#73100 (session_destroy null dereference in
ps_files_path_create). (cmb) **SimpleXML:** * Fixed bug php#73293 (NULL
pointer dereference in SimpleXMLElement::asXML()). (Stas) **SOAP:** * Fixed
bug php#71711 (Soap Server Member variables reference bug). (Nikita) * Fixed
php#71996 (Using references in arrays doesn't work like expected). (Nikita)
**SPL:** * Fixed bug php#73257, php#73258 (SplObjectStorage unserialize allows
use of non-object as key). (Stas)

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program. Use
su -c 'yum update php' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at https://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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