Sicherheit: Ausführen beliebiger Kommandos in syslog-ng
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Name: Ausführen beliebiger Kommandos in syslog-ng
ID: FEDORA-2019-e818eaa0ac
Distribution: Fedora
Plattformen: Fedora 29
Datum: So, 20. Januar 2019, 10:30
Referenzen: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1663935
Applikationen: Syslog-ng


Fedora Update Notification
2019-01-20 01:59:02.940822

Name : syslog-ng
Product : Fedora 29
Version : 3.17.2
Release : 2.fc29
URL : https://syslog-ng.org/
Summary : Next-generation syslog server
Description :
syslog-ng is an enhanced log daemon, supporting a wide range of input and
output methods: syslog, unstructured text, message queues, databases (SQL
and NoSQL alike) and more.

Key features:

* receive and send RFC3164 and RFC5424 style syslog messages
* work with any kind of unstructured data
* receive and send JSON formatted messages
* classify and structure logs with builtin parsers (csv-parser(),
db-parser(), ...)
* normalize, crunch and process logs as they flow through the system
* hand on messages for further processing using message queues (like
AMQP), files or databases (like PostgreSQL or MongoDB).

Update Information:

Fix for use after free in affile_dw_reap

* Mon Jan 7 2019 My Karlsson <mk@acc.umu.se> - 3.17.2-2
- Backport fix for use after free in affile_dw_reap (rhbz#1663936)

[ 1 ] Bug #1663935 - syslog-ng: Use-after free in affile_dw_reap resulting in
a denial of service

This update can be installed with the "dnf" update program. Use
su -c 'dnf upgrade --advisory FEDORA-2019-e818eaa0ac' at the command
line. For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at

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