Sicherheit: Mehrere Probleme in php
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Name: Mehrere Probleme in php
ID: FEDORA-2020-32f9a2b308
Distribution: Fedora
Plattformen: Fedora 31
Datum: Do, 27. Februar 2020, 21:13
Referenzen: https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2020-7062
Applikationen: PHP


Fedora Update Notification
2020-02-27 17:26:04.898486

Name : php
Product : Fedora 31
Version : 7.3.15
Release : 1.fc31
URL : http://www.php.net/
Summary : PHP scripting language for creating dynamic web sites
Description :
PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. PHP attempts to make it
easy for developers to write dynamically generated web pages. PHP also
offers built-in database integration for several commercial and
non-commercial database management systems, so writing a
database-enabled webpage with PHP is fairly simple. The most common
use of PHP coding is probably as a replacement for CGI scripts.

The php package contains the module (often referred to as mod_php)
which adds support for the PHP language to Apache HTTP Server.

Update Information:

**PHP version 7.3.15** (20 Feb 2020) **Core:** * Fixed bug php#71876 (Memory
corruption htmlspecialchars(): charset `*' not supported). (Nikita) * Fixed
#php#79146 (cscript can fail to run on some systems). (clarodeus) * Fixed bug
php#78323 (Code 0 is returned on invalid options). (Ivan Mikheykin) * Fixed bug
php#76047 (Use-after-free when accessing already destructed backtrace
arguments). (Nikita) **CURL:** * Fixed bug php#79078 (Hypothetical use-after-
free in curl_multi_add_handle()). (cmb) **Intl:** * Fixed bug php#79212
(NumberFormatter::format() may detect wrong type). (cmb) **Libxml:** * Fixed
bug php#79191 (Error in SoapClient ctor disables DOMDocument::save()). (Nikita,
cmb) **MBString:** * Fixed bug php#79154 (mb_convert_encoding() can modify
$from_encoding). (cmb) **MySQLnd:** * Fixed bug php#79084 (mysqlnd may fetch
wrong column indexes with MYSQLI_BOTH). (cmb) **OpenSSL:** * Fixed bug
php#79145 (openssl memory leak). (cmb, Nikita) **Phar:** * Fixed bug
(Files added to tar with Phar::buildFromIterator have all-access permissions).
(**CVE-2020-7063**) (stas) * Fixed bug php#79171 (heap-buffer-overflow in
phar_extract_file). (**CVE-2020-7061**) (cmb) * Fixed bug php#76584
(PharFileInfo::decompress not working). (cmb) **Reflection:** * Fixed bug
php#79115 (ReflectionClass::isCloneable call reflected class __destruct).
(Nikita) **Session:** * Fixed bug php#79221 (Null Pointer Dereference in PHP
Session Upload Progress). (**CVE-2020-7062**) (stas) **SPL:** * Fixed bug
php#79151 (heap use after free caused by spl_dllist_it_helper_move_forward).
(Nikita) **Standard:** * Fixed bug php#78902 (Memory leak when using
stream_filter_append). (liudaixiao) **Testing:** * Fixed bug php#78090
(bug45161.phpt takes forever to finish). (cmb) **XSL:** * Fixed bug php#70078
(XSL callbacks with nodes as parameter leak memory). (cmb)

* Tue Feb 18 2020 Remi Collet <remi@remirepo.net> - 7.3.15-1
- Update to 7.3.15 - http://www.php.net/releases/7_3_15.php
* Tue Jan 21 2020 Remi Collet <remi@remirepo.net> - 7.3.14-1
- Update to 7.3.14 - http://www.php.net/releases/7_3_14.php
* Tue Jan 7 2020 Remi Collet <remi@remirepo.net> - 7.3.14~RC1-1
- update to 7.3.14RC1
* Tue Dec 17 2019 Remi Collet <remi@remirepo.net> - 7.3.13-1
- Update to 7.3.13 - http://www.php.net/releases/7_3_13.php
* Tue Dec 3 2019 Remi Collet <remi@remirepo.net> - 7.3.13~RC1-1
- update to 7.3.13RC1
* Tue Nov 19 2019 Remi Collet <remi@remirepo.net> - 7.3.12-1
- Update to 7.3.12 - http://www.php.net/releases/7_3_12.php
* Wed Nov 6 2019 Remi Collet <remi@remirepo.net> - 7.3.12~RC1-1
- update to 7.3.12RC1
* Tue Oct 22 2019 Remi Collet <remi@remirepo.net> - 7.3.11-1
- Update to 7.3.11 - http://www.php.net/releases/7_3_11.php

This update can be installed with the "dnf" update program. Use
su -c 'dnf upgrade --advisory FEDORA-2020-32f9a2b308' at the command
line. For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at

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