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Name: Mehrere Probleme in opera
ID: openSUSE-SU-2020:0402-1
Distribution: SUSE
Plattformen: SUSE openSUSE Leap 15.1
Datum: Mo, 30. März 2020, 07:58
Referenzen: Keine Angabe
Applikationen: Opera


   openSUSE Security Update: Security update for opera

Announcement ID: openSUSE-SU-2020:0402-1
Rating: moderate
Affected Products:
openSUSE Leap 15.1:NonFree

An update that contains security fixes can now be installed.


This update for opera fixes the following issues:

Update to version 67.0.3575.97

- DNA-84063 Open URL in new tab with ‘Go to web address’ in
search/copy popup and right mouse click context menu
- DNA-84780 Search in Search and Copy popup opens tab in wrong position
from popup window
- DNA-84786 Crash at Browser::PasteAndGo(std::__1::basic_string const&,
- DNA-84815 Crash at TabStripModel::GetIndexOfWebContents
(content::WebContents const*)
- DNA-84937 [Mac] Workspace switching is slow with a lot of tabs opened
- DNA-85159 Sidebar-setup not refreshed correctly after signing out from

Update to version 67.0.3575.79

- CHR-7804 Update chromium on desktop-stable-80-3575 to 80.0.3987.132
- DNA-83766 Opera Ad Blocker extension state is not updated when changing
- DNA-83966 Enable kFeatureSuggestionScoringImproved on all the streams
- DNA-84159 Settings – list of workspaces in the settings isn’t
updated after reordering
- DNA-84396 Inline autocomplete not working when SD becomes the top-scored
- DNA-84711 Wrong autocomplete address for https sites
- DNA-84741 No amazon partner extension displayed
- DNA-84743 Crash at ExtensionsToolbarContainer::UndoPopOut()
- DNA-84776 Bookmarks not fully displayed in Bookmarks Panel
- DNA-84817 Crash at Browser::IsSearchAndCopyPopupEnabled()
- DNA-84836 Broken video playback in some cases
- DNA-84837 Audio decoder broken although available on Windows 7
- DNA-84860 [Mac] Address field not highlighted on hover
- DNA-84889 [desktop-stable-80-3575] There’re no basic settings
- DNA-84910 Fix output type selection of SW H.264 decoder
- DNA-84938 Prepare stable build with Yx 05 edition
- DNA-84969 Address bar dropdown launches HTTP GETs for every autocomplete

Update to version 67.0.3575.53

- CHR-7792 Update chromium on desktop-stable-80-3575 to 80.0.3987.122
- DNA-84024 ‘Save all Tabs in Speed Dial Folder’ doesn’t work
on main context menu
- DNA-84056 Submenus are not scrollable
- DNA-84061 Expanded bookmark menu overlaps the whole toolbar
- DNA-84277 Whole text should be visible
- DNA-84412 Dragging tab to different place activates another tab
- DNA-84492 Disable any notifications for “default browser” from
sweetlabs builds
- DNA-84691 Crash when trying to open sidebar context menu

- Update to version 67.0.3575.31
- DNA-84077 Hide seek and timer controls in video pop-out for YouTube live
- DNA-84639 Promote O67 to stable
- Complete Opera 67.0 changelog at:

Update to version 66.0.3515.103

- DNA-83528 UnpackTest.CanUnpackTarXzFile test fails on OSX 10.15+
- DNA-83568 Add test driver perftests
- DNA-84335 [Linux] Widevine is not working due to changed path of
- DNA-84439 Opera extensions update requests are sent to chrome instead of
opera servers

Update to version 66.0.3515.72

- DNA-79691 Unable to play video on Netflix right after Opera installation
- DNA-82102 Wrong cursor and X color of the search fields on
Bookmark/History sidebar panels
- DNA-82722 Google Translator blocks PDF viewer
- DNA-83407 Crash at static void `anonymous namespace”::PureCall()
- DNA-83530 Bad colors in Personal news when dark theme turned on
- DNA-83531 Dragging speed dial root folders in bookmarks sidebar makes
- DNA-83542 Fix background tabs loading issues
- DNA-83806 Crash at opera::RichHintDisplayHandlerViews::
- DNA-83882 Crash at base::Value::Clone()
- DNA-84007 Accessibility elements visible on pages after first navigation
on Mac

Update to version 66.0.3515.44

- CHR-7734 Update chromium on desktop-stable-79-3515 to 79.0.3945.130
- DNA-82635 [Mac] Fix crash when opening power save popup twice
- DNA-83587 Fix Crash at
- DNA-83698 Unregister extensions keybindings when sidebar is hidden
- DNA-83757 Stop making thumbnail after history onboarding will show

Update to version 66.0.3515.36

- CHR-7717 Update chromium on desktop-stable-79-3515 to 79.0.3945.117
- DNA-81359 Translate “Speed Dials” folder in bookmarks panel
- DNA-82627 Unify & streamline tooltip color processing across Opera.
- DNA-82800 Enable kFeatureTurnOnFeaturesDownloadedByInstallerOnUpdates on
all streams
- DNA-83190 Record SwitchToFullSite events on icon clicks.
- DNA-83496 Check if history-panel is enabled before showing
- DNA-83545 Fix a crash in adblocker rule update
- DNA-83583 [Mac] Bookmark popup too bright in dark mode
- DNA-83608 Set “plat” metadata in crash reports from Linux.

Update to version 66.0.3515.27

- DNA-82683 Bookmarks menu is not readable in dark mode after hovering
- DNA-83139 [macOS] screenshot is resized
- DNA-83204 [Mac] Anchor onboarding widget to history icon on sidebar
- DNA-83205 [Mac] Popup looks bad with mode change
- DNA-83351 Enable feature on stable/beta
- DNA-83366 [Mac] Onboarding popup doesn’t follow the browser window
- DNA-83402 Promote O66 to stable
- Complete Opera 66.0 changelog at:

Update to version 65.0.3467.69

- DNA-82647 Tab icons mixed after Tab closing
- DNA-82919 Update wrapper to skip package types when creating repo
- DNA-82967 [Mac] Opera crashes on dragging the SSL icon
on the URL Bar

Patch Instructions:

To install this openSUSE Security Update use the SUSE recommended
installation methods
like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".

Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

- openSUSE Leap 15.1:NonFree:

zypper in -t patch openSUSE-2020-402=1

Package List:

- openSUSE Leap 15.1:NonFree (x86_64):



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