Sicherheit: Zwei Probleme in awstats
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Name: Zwei Probleme in awstats
ID: FEDORA-2020-d1aa0e030c
Distribution: Fedora
Plattformen: Fedora 32
Datum: Fr, 8. Januar 2021, 21:25
Referenzen: https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2020-29600
Applikationen: awstats


Fedora Update Notification
2021-01-08 02:50:52.890071

Name : awstats
Product : Fedora 32
Version : 7.8
Release : 2.fc32
URL : http://awstats.sourceforge.net
Summary : Advanced Web Statistics
Description :
Advanced Web Statistics is a powerful and full-featured tool that generates
advanced web server graphical statistics. This server log analyzer works
from the command line or as a CGI and shows all information your log contains,
in graphical web pages. It can analyze a lot of web/wap/proxy servers such as
Apache, IIS, Weblogic, Webstar, Squid, ... but also mail or FTP servers.

This program can measure visits, unique visitors, authenticated users, pages,
domains/countries, OS busiest times, robot visits, type of files, search
engines/keywords used, visit duration, HTTP errors and more...
Statistics can be updated from a browser or your scheduler.
The program also supports virtual servers, plugins and a lot of features.

With the default configuration, the statistics are available:

Update Information:

Update to AWStats 7.8. Includes security fix for CVE-2020-29600 /

* Wed Dec 30 2020 Tim Jackson <rpm@timj.co.uk> - 7.8-2
- Fix CVE-2020-35176
* Fri Aug 7 2020 Tim Jackson <rpm@timj.co.uk> - 7.8-1
- Version 7.8
* Mon Jul 27 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <releng@fedoraproject.org> -
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_33_Mass_Rebuild
* Fri Jun 26 2020 Jitka Plesnikova <jplesnik@redhat.com> - 7.7-10
- Perl 5.32 re-rebuild of bootstrapped packages
* Mon Jun 22 2020 Jitka Plesnikova <jplesnik@redhat.com> - 7.7-9
- Perl 5.32 rebuild

[ 1 ] Bug #1911644 - CVE-2020-35176 awstats: path traversal in awstats.pl
[ 2 ] Bug #1911648 - CVE-2020-29600 awstats: path traversal in awstats.pl

This update can be installed with the "dnf" update program. Use
su -c 'dnf upgrade --advisory FEDORA-2020-d1aa0e030c' at the command
line. For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at

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