Sicherheit: Mangelnde Rechteprüfung in php
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Name: Mangelnde Rechteprüfung in php
ID: FEDORA-2021-ca0e53d310
Distribution: Fedora
Plattformen: Fedora 32
Datum: Sa, 16. Januar 2021, 10:28
Referenzen: https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2020-7071
Applikationen: PHP


Fedora Update Notification
2021-01-16 01:22:32.462447

Name : php
Product : Fedora 32
Version : 7.4.14
Release : 1.fc32
URL : http://www.php.net/
Summary : PHP scripting language for creating dynamic web sites
Description :
PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. PHP attempts to make it
easy for developers to write dynamically generated web pages. PHP also
offers built-in database integration for several commercial and
non-commercial database management systems, so writing a
database-enabled webpage with PHP is fairly simple. The most common
use of PHP coding is probably as a replacement for CGI scripts.

The php package contains the module (often referred to as mod_php)
which adds support for the PHP language to Apache HTTP Server.

Update Information:

**PHP version 7.4.14** (07 Jan 2021) **Core:** * Fixed bug php#74558
rebind closure returned by Closure::fromCallable()). (cmb) * Fixed bug
(PHPIZE configuration has outdated PHP_RELEASE_VERSION). (cmb) * Fixed bug
php#72964 (White space not unfolded for CC/Bcc headers). (cmb) * Fixed bug
php#80362 (Running dtrace scripts can cause php to crash). (al at coralnet dot
name) * Fixed bug php#80393 (Build of PHP extension fails due to configuration
gap with libtool). (kir dot morozov at gmail dot com) * Fixed bug php#80402
(configure filtering out -lpthread). (Nikita) * Fixed bug php#77069 (stream
filter loses final block of data). (cmb) **Fileinfo:** * Fixed bug php#77961
(finfo_open crafted magic parsing SIGABRT). (cmb) **FPM:** * Fixed bug
php#69625 (FPM returns 200 status on request without SCRIPT_FILENAME env).
(Jakub Zelenka) **Intl:** * Fixed bug php#80425
(MessageFormatAdapter::getArgTypeList redefined). (Nikita) **OpenSSL:** *
Fixed bug php#80368 (OpenSSL extension fails to build against LibreSSL due to
lack of OCB support). (Nikita) **Phar:** * Fixed bug php#73809 (Phar Zip
crash - mmap fail). (cmb) * Fixed bug php#75102 (`PharData` says invalid
checksum for valid tar). (cmb) * Fixed bug php#77322
Possible integer overflow). (cmb) **PDO MySQL:** * Fixed bug php#80458
(PDOStatement::fetchAll() throws for upsert queries). (Kamil Tekiela) * Fixed
bug php#63185 (nextRowset() ignores MySQL errors with native prepared
statements). (Nikita) * Fixed bug php#78152 (PDO::exec() - Bad error handling
with multiple commands). (Nikita) * Fixed bug php#70066 (Unexpected "Cannot
execute queries while other unbuffered queries"). (Nikita) * Fixed bug
(Multiple statements in init command triggers unbuffered query error). (Nikita)
* Fixed bug php#76815 (PDOStatement cannot be GCed/closeCursor-ed when a
PROCEDURE resultset SIGNAL). (Nikita) **Standard:** * Fixed bug php#77423
(FILTER_VALIDATE_URL accepts URLs with invalid userinfo). (**CVE-2020-7071**)
(cmb) * Fixed bug php#80366 (Return Value of zend_fstat() not Checked).
(sagpant, cmb) * Fixed bug php#80411 (References to null-serialized object
serialize()). (Nikita) **Tidy:** * Fixed bug php#77594 (ob_tidyhandler is
never reset). (cmb) **Zlib:** * Fixed php#48725 (Support for flushing in zlib
stream). (cmb)

* Tue Jan 5 2021 Remi Collet <remi@remirepo.net> - 7.4.14-1
- Update to 7.4.14 - http://www.php.net/releases/7_4_14.php
- explicitly requires make

[ 1 ] Bug #1913847 - CVE-2020-7071 php: FILTER_VALIDATE_URL accepts URLs with
invalid userinfo [fedora-all]

This update can be installed with the "dnf" update program. Use
su -c 'dnf upgrade --advisory FEDORA-2021-ca0e53d310' at the command
line. For more information, refer to the dnf documentation available at

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